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What Type of Massage Therapy Should an RMT Give You? Here Are Options.

Does something ache in your body, or do you merely want someone to ease the stress of your muscles? Understanding what your body really needs is very important in order to determine what type of massage you need. The wrong massage could either hurt your body more than necessary, or leave you still aching with unresolved pains after your session. The following considerations will help you decide on the type of massage to ask when you visit a massage clinic in Vancouver, such as Vancity Massage Therapy.

What Type of Massage Therapy Should an RMT Give You Here Are Options

Relaxation Massage

This is probably the most popular and most requested type of massage anywhere. It uses pressure to soothe the muscles and gives a calming effect. This is best for people who are stressed and exhausted after a long day at work. This massage delivers just the right amount of pressure that will relax you, without adding to your existing pain. You may request the registered massage therapist or RMT to massage you based on your body’s requirement.

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage targets the deeper layers of muscle and tissue. It is ideal for recurring pains, muscle strains, postural problems, and people who are recovering from an injury. This type of massage, however, could leave a person feeling sore after. Once the soreness passes, previous pains and strains will be noticeably gone or at least significantly reduced.

Myofascial Release Massage

This type of massage particularly benefits those with skeletal muscle mobility problems by easing contracted muscles and improving blood flow. People with myofascial pain syndrome, as well as those with frequent headaches, are also advised to take this massage. People with fractures, weak bones, deep vein issues, as well as burns and painful wounds, however, should avoid it, as it may cause more harm than good.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is ideal for people who are constantly active. It relaxes the muscles and increases flexibility, helping the person avoid injuries that may arise from muscle tension. This is the ideal massage to get after a long and tiring workout at the gym, or for people who frequently do physically demanding tasks.

Pre-Natal Massage

This is, of course, for pregnant women who continuously suffer from bodily aches and swells during pregnancy. This will allow the expectant mothers to relax and rest properly.

Knowing the specific reason behind your pains or stress is important so you could tell the RMT exactly what you need, and he/she could tailor your massage accordingly.



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