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RMT in Vancouver: Relieving Pain and Discomfort with Quality Services

A popular field in alternative medicine, massage therapy is known as an effective pain reliever, particularly for those suffering from chronic lower back pain. In Canada, massage therapy programs are taught in a standard curriculum of 2200-3000-hour programs regulated by the Massage Therapy Alliance of Canada (MTAC) excluding the provinces of Ontario, British Columbia (BC), Labrador and Newfoundland, which have their own massage therapy colleges that supervise licensed practitioners within their areas. Among these four provinces, BC and Ontario are the pioneers in having registered massage therapists (RMT) governed by their own healthcare legislation.


A registered massage therapist, or RMT in Vancouver, has to have undergone a 3000-hour healthcare program. This is especially true of therapists from clinics like Vancity Massage Therapy, who are passionate about treating and helping patients improve their overall health. Such massage clinics provide non-invasive and drug-free basic massage treatments that mostly cover neck pain, back pain and pre-natal discomfort. With massage therapy, various patients have been treated for soft tissue disorders and injuries resulting from other health conditions.

Many methods of stroking and kneading muscles and ligaments are involved in different techniques of massage therapy. By chiefly using the hands and fingers, massage therapists are able to ease common health problems like headaches, anxiety and insomnia by applying deep pressure in the right areas. Some patients simply enjoy the relaxing and therapeutic effects that massage therapy brings even if they’re not suffering from any ailments.

The most prominent types of massage therapy include sports massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage and pre-natal massage. Leading studies show that massage therapy is able to bring more relief than other fields of alternative medicine like physical therapy and acupuncture. They have also shown that massage therapy can aid efforts to treat digestive problems, soft tissue strains and even anxiety.

Before going to a therapy clinic, it’s best to verify the credentials of a local Vancouver RMT in massage therapy colleges that are members of the MTAC. Good practitioners would have positive reviews or referrals, both online and in your neighborhood. Let them guide you on the way to a happier stress-free life.


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Massage Therapy Regulation & Licensing in Canada.

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