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We are happy to offer direct billing for 10 insurance companies!

When you book in for a massage and have extended benefits we will now bill your insurance company directly for your treatment.

To be eligible for direct billing you must provide Vancity Massage Therapy with your Member Policy Number and Member ID Number, it is preferred that you give this information prior to your visit, there is now a slot during online booking for you to provide this information.

Once your insurance has been confirmed, all you have to pay is the user fee, often as low as $20 (dependant on your individual plan).

*PLEASE NOTE: Some insurance plans do not allow payment to provider, or may require a doctor’s note prior to payment to provider. Also, sporadically claims are required to have further processing which means we can submit your claim but not recieve payment from the company. Be prepared to pay for the treatment up front if your insurance claim does not go through for one of these reasons.*


Insurance plans included in direct billing:

 Blue Cross
 Great West Life
 Sun Life Financial
 Chamber of Commerce
 iA Financial
 Maximum Benefit
 Standard Life
 Johnston Group
* Desjardins sadly will not allow direct billing.