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RMT in Vancouver: Relieving Pain and Discomfort with Quality Services

A popular field in alternative medicine, massage therapy is known as an effective pain reliever, particularly for those suffering from chronic lower back pain. In Canada, massage therapy programs are taught in a standard curriculum of 2200-3000-hour programs regulated by the Massage Therapy Alliance of Canada (MTAC) excluding the provinces of Ontario, British Columbia (BC), Labrador and Newfoundland, which have their own massage therapy colleges that supervise licensed practitioners within their areas. Among these four provinces, BC and Ontario are the pioneers in having registered massage therapists (RMT) governed by their own healthcare legislation. (more…)

An Experienced RMT in Vancouver Helps Relieve More Than Just Stress

In today’s highly-competitive business world, everyone wants things done yesterday and to see favourable results at the snap of a finger. Add to it the fact that employees can be reached easily by their superiors through mobile phones, and it’s no wonder why so many adults are so stressed.

Oftentimes, stressed-out people prefer to have an RMT massage in Vancouver. After all, massage therapy has a long history of being a perfect means to relieve stress. A nice, long massage, however, does so much more than make stress melt away. The process also yields the following health benefits:


How To Treat Headaches Without Painkillers

Almost everyone has suffered through at least one headache in their lifetime, while many people are plagued with this pain monthly, weekly, or even daily. Typically headache sufferers will take a dose of painkillers to try to decrease the pain so that they may continue working. Often, this method of treatment for headaches has little or no effect on the throbbing pain and if used continuously can have damaging effects on the person’s liver.


How to Get the Most Out of Your Massage Therapy Sessions

Virtually everyone is aware that a massage is a great way to relieve tension and relax the mind. Massage therapy is often seen as a spa day rather than a medical treatment, which may seem comical to regular massage therapy patients. Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) are trained to decrease tension, yet they have more in their tool belt than just relaxing Swedish massage strokes, calming music, and intuitive hands. BC locals are fortunate enough to have graduates with the highest massage therapy education worldwide, right in their back yard. BC has had the highest massage therapy education standard, a comprehensive 3000 hour program. RMTs are educated to conduct a thorough interview pre-treatment which enables them to decipher the root of your problem using critical thinking. They are trained in complete human anatomy and physiology, from your toes to your skull. Having such academic knowledge of the body enables them to treat effectively and safely. At Vancity Massage Therapy Clinic, we are all BC trained massage therapists who have accomplished the most extensive 3000 hour education program available in massage therapy.


Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Your Shoulder Pain

Pain free movement is often taken for granted. It isn’t until you reach out to brush your hair or pull on a sweater that you realize how crucial having a full range of motion is! Without a proper treatment plan, that annoying pain can become an incapacitating injury. In this article you’ll learn the anatomy of impingement syndrome, and what steps you can take to treat it before surgical intervention is your only option.


Office Worker’s Syndrome Quick Draft

In ancient times, humanity revolved around one common goal: surviving. With centuries of scientific advancement, people have been able to develop into individuals with the ability to create life aspirations that stray from the basic animal instincts we were born with. Surviving has become a human right, rather than a right that we must struggle for every day. With out having to battle the elements, animals or each other for food, clothing, and shelter; we have free time to simply exist.


How Neck Pain Changes Muscles

Neck pain is one of the leading complaints brought into Massage Therapists on a daily basis. Research has thoroughly gone into studying the neck flexors (front neck muscles), yet there is a lacking of research into the neck extensors (back neck muscles). A study was recently done to look at the changes that undergo extensor neck muscles in people with neck pain. In the study, the muscles are found to change from type one to type two muscle fibers! What this means in layman’s terms, is that the back neck muscles change from being postural and able to support long periods of weight and stress, to being phasic and tiring out after supporting weight for too long. Massage Therapy can treat these muscles by using exercises to reactivate the muscles that are becoming phasic.